THE Texas Hay Net

Save 30%-50% on your hay bill NOW!

No, we aren't recommending you find another home for some horses! The Texas Hay Net is the best made, most durable "Slow Feed Hay Net" on the market. We know! We've been putting it to the test. We believe the Texas Hay Net is the answer to many horse owners prayers. How many horses could you have the pleasure of owning if the cost of hay wasn't already through the roof? This year, with the price of rising fuel and the escalating costs of fertilizer, we expect to see the cost of hay go even higher. With a Texas Hay Net around your hay bale, your hay will last from 30%-50% longer. Our personal success has been in the 38% range.

We are experiencing a 95% decrease in wasted hay!

Texas Hay NetThe original slow feed net, The Texas Hay Net was developed by Little Thunder Stables. Leslie created the net around the science of rehabilitating the most impossible cases of founder, laminitis, equine starvation and obesity. She has spent years making it durable, meant to last a number of years, and she has incorporated the science behind these diseases.

Though the Texas Hay Net was made to address these problematic horses it has proven over time that proper and safe slow feed technology can bring greater health to every horse. Leslie invented the slow feed nets. Others copy, but no other company understands all of the components and design relative to the desired health outcome that Leslie has put into The Texas Hay Nets.

Here is the best reason to move your horses to the "Slow Feed" technology.
ww-bullet slows the digestion which helps the digestive system function properly.
ww-bullet the liver to process sugars, and starches easier.
ww-bullet dry forage safer for insulin resistant horses.
ww-bullet helps obese horses lose weight.
ww-bullet helps undernourished horses gain weight.
ww-bullet helps all horses get healthier!

Your horse will quickly learn how to carefully extract small bites of hay from the net.
You will no longer have huge piles of hay on the outside of the hay ring!

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Question: How will my horse react to the net?

Answer: At first your horse may be mad at the net for making it work harder for the hay, but after a day or two, most horses will settle down to pulling it out with their teeth or their lips.

Question: Do I need to keep tension on the net?

Answer: No. As the hay is eaten down, the body of the net becomes looser and looser...the horse handles this very well by nuzzling the net until he finds his bit of hay.

Question: Will the horse bite through the net?

Answer: The Texas Hay Net is tough and durable. They cannot easily chew through the net. They might make a little hole, but in two months, our horses have created only one little hole that was easily mended. They have ceased to chew on the net completely now. We expect this net to last us a number of years and save us a load of money on hay as it's already doing.

Question: Can I use the hay net if I don't have a hay ring?

Answer: Not a good idea. We've tried. You can hang the net with a good system of pulleys so that leverage makes it easy for you to hoist up, but you have to have it high enough off the ground; maybe 3 feet. Then as they eat from it, adjust the net up continuing to keep it off the ground. The hay ring protects the horses from getting into the hay net with their feet. If you have a high beam someplace in your horse shelter and can hang the net filled with square bales, that will work very well, but you have to be able to have it several feet up in the air. We keep our hay ring in our barn breezeway and so the hay stays dry. Keeping hay dry in the south is a must because of mold but the Texas Hay Net has made mucking easy because there is virtually no wasted hay to rake up and throw away. We also wrap 8 square bales in it, still in the hay ring, but 8 square bales will last us over a week with two horses constantly munching while hanging out under the fans.

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